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Culinary Adventures

From world-class restaurants to local specialties, memorable meals can be a destination in and of themselves for travelers. Virtuoso suppliers have responded to the growth in culinary travel by transforming mealtime into an unforgettable experience. These three properties have created innovative programs to make delicious cuisine a true culinary travel adventure.


Visits to vineyards, champagne caves, breweries, and distilleries which encompass  a full tour/sightseeing as well as tasting experiences. 

Tours and Tastings

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Guests take part in creating their own farm-to-table dining by foraging, visiting gardens, farms,  or fisheries. For example, harvesting grapes, coffee beans, or honey, working on a farm with crops/animals, fishing, crabbing,  oystering, truffle hunting, etc. 

Hands-On Experiences

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More than a tour or tasting, these classes and lectures focus on learning as the primary goal.  For example, cooking classes, cheesemaking on a farm, vegetable gardening classes, or cooking in a local home. 

Education and Learning

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Local immersion excursions, and ability to interact with and cook with experts including chefs,  chef’s table, or similar kitchen experiences.

Interactions with Chefs

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Recognized by Michelin, James Beard, Bucuse, or other globally  recognized Culinary Travel awards organizations.

Award-Winning Culinary Travel Experiences

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