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Outdoor Aerobics

Wellness Travel

With a shared passion for health-minded, experiential travel that restores a traveler’s mind, body, and spirit. This exclusive portfolio integrates nutrition, healing, mind/body balance, fitness, and educational components.

Golfing Couple

Contribute to intellectual wellness that opens minds to help travelers recognize behaviors and identify  solutions through scheduled classes and one-on-one sessions with experts.

Education and Learning

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Offers guests movement and exercise classes that help achieve optimal physical wellness. These may include scheduled  hiking, pilates, and/or yoga.


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Provides experiences that establish a sense of harmony and well-being, which may include guided meditation, yoga, sound therapy, connection with nature, or local/cultural/ancient therapies. 

Mind/Body Balance

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Offers programs that set travelers on the path to healthy eating habits. These may include nutrition classes, meal planning, or consultations with nutritionists or dietitians. 


Hot Stones Massage

Practices that are restorative and contribute to optimal quality of life. Facilities include full service spa/ wellness center and/or medical testing center having multiple treatment rooms and custom treatments including therapeutic  massage, and acupuncture. 

Treatment & Healing

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