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Ultra-Luxe Experience

Think: absolute most elevated, one-of-a-kind travel destinations and experiences. This exclusive portfolio includes primarily private travel services – jets, yachts, islands, villas, and more – all with superior exclusivity. This portfolio showcases participants based on strict, by-invitation-only criteria that will fulfill the desires of your most ultraluxe dreams. As a Virtuoso member, LET networks with the world’s most luxurious hotels & resorts, most of them belonging to the portfolio of the world’s most exclusive hotel brands. All hotels were you can enjoy the Virtuoso extra perks.


Unparalleled Privacy

Completely private getaways for those seeking discreet experiences or the ultimate in rest and relaxation.  Destinations include islands, yachts, and villas, castles + palaces. 


World-Class Service

End-to-end travel services that offer outstanding client convenience. Examples include private airport lounges, concierges, and short-hop transfers via helicopter.

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Elite Travel 

Elevated and uncommon luxury travel modes. Non-commercial, branded private transportation such as private jets, cruise lines, and tour operators that offer limited availability. May combine private air travel with cruising and on-land experiences. 

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Superior Exclusivity

Cosmopolitan destinations with A-list level accommodations. Villas or Penthouses that are standalone, or part  of a resort or cruise company’s hotel or real estate development strategy. Must offer dedicated sales and marketing efforts for this  segment of the business. 


Privileged Access

Rare insider opportunities not available to the public. These extraordinary experiences are offered by on-sites or concierges who know how to make anything happen – at events, concerts, museums, restaurants, residences, and retailers. Examples include backstage access, celebrity introductions, closure of the facility for private viewing, etc.

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