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Thank You for 5 Years of Luxury Edition Travel!

Dear valued travelers, partners, and friends,

As I reflect on the past five years of Luxury Edition Travel's journey, my heart swells with gratitude for the incredible support and unwavering trust you've placed in us. It's with immense joy and a touch of nostalgia that I write to you today, celebrating not just an anniversary but a milestone that's a testament to our shared passion for exploration and the art of crafting unforgettable journeys.

When I embarked on this journey, I envisioned a company that would not just plan trips but curate experiences that would create lasting memories. While that sounds so cliché, I really do want your travels to be some of the experiences of your life. The ones we hold to and want to connect with over and over. Your belief in us has been the driving force behind every step taken, every adventure designed, and every heart we've connected with around the world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your travel stories.

Looking back, the journey has been marked by moments of discovery, learning, and growth. The challenges we've overcome have only strengthened our resolve to provide you with the best possible travel experiences. Your feedback, encouragement, and support have been instrumental in shaping Luxury Edition Travel into what it is today - a family of dedicated travel enthusiasts committed to crafting moments that matter.

Moving forward into the next chapter, I'm excited to share that the road ahead is illuminated with even more adventures, innovations, and opportunities. We're committed to bringing you fresh and inspiring travel options, personalized itineraries that align with your dreams, and exceptional service that goes beyond expectations. Our Collaboration with Lake Shore Travel has and continues to be a key factor in our success as it allows us to broaden our network throughout the world and bring added value with partnerships such as Virtuoso.

From new destinations that beckon with their beauty to partnerships that enhance the Luxury Edition Travel experience, we're ready to take you on an extraordinary journey. Our commitment to ensuring your safety, comfort, and joy remains unwavering, and we're thrilled to introduce you to even more avenues to explore and immerse yourself in the world's wonders.

Thank you, once again, for being a cherished part of the Luxury Edition Travel family. Here's to the magic of travel, our forged connections, and the adventures that await us. As we celebrate five wonderful years, let's look ahead with excitement and anticipation, ready to embrace every new experience that comes our way.

With heartfelt appreciation and boundless enthusiasm,


Founder, Luxury Edition Travel

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